All About US


To foster an inclusive multi-cultural environment for youth (ages 13-18) from all over the world to meet and engage with one another while promoting the values of leadership, diversity, environmentalism, and youth empowerment.


Project Hallelujah is a year-round international youth leadership program. The project aims to inspire young leaders through educational workshops and informal activities where they gain leadership skills and knowledge in a creative and engaging environment.


Camp Hallelujah is an international summer camp held in Israel and overseas. At Camp Hallelujah, we provide the campers with a fun, inclusive, enriching, and safe experience that will create opportunities for personal and social growth, the development of life skills, and a better understanding of themselves and others. Camp Hallelujah is conducted in English and led by a skilled, well-experienced international team that promotes our values of love for humankind, nature and youth empowerment.


…when we started to bring together Israeli youth with overseas youth in South Africa on educational delegations a few years ago. This encounter was unique; it generated friendships, and served as an interesting platform for meaningful conversations among the youth on global matters. The impact and feedback lead us to increase our activity and to reach a wider audience. Gradually, more global educational activities were added, and the leading activity was an International Summer Camp held in Israel and in Europe.

In winter 2019, just as Camp Hallelujah was about to launch its website as well as the summer 2020 campaign, COVID-19 took over the world. Along with the many programs, ideas, and plans we already had in mind, Camp Hallelujah had to be adapted to this new challenging reality. And indeed, we didn’t give up! We hosted a wonderful small-scale summer camp here in Israel that felt like a boutique camp. We made every effort possible to host children from different social, ethnic, and geographical backgrounds…and it was a success! The feedback we received from both kids and parents was extremely positive. Since then, the project has grown and expanded significantly with ongoing leadership programs, and summer camps in Israel and in Europe. Young leaders who take part in the project come from Latin America, Europe, the Southern hemisphere, and Israel. Our vision of creating a global young and inspiring community is coming to fruition!