Doron Moshe

Program Director

Doron Moshe is the director of the Hallelujah Project. Israeli born and raised, Doron has years of experience working with youth and educational enterprises and also served as a Jewish Agency shaliach in South Africa. In recent years, Doron was the head of a senior training gap year for overseas youth.

Lee Lobel

Education Department

Lee Lobel is a member of the leading team for the Hallelujah Project. Lee has worked professionally in Jewish education for six years in various global youth-based programs. Lee was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in South Africa, and made aliyah two years ago.

Awital Ifrah

Education Department

Awital Ifrah is also a member of the leading team for the Hallelujah Project. Awital was born in the Netherlands and made aliyah three years ago. Awital worked with Jewish youth from the Netherlands for six years before she made aliyah. In recent years, Awital has worked on building educational programs for Jewish youth in Europe.

Joao Miragaya

Education Department

Joao Miragaya was born in Brazil and made aliyah in 2009. Since 2020, he has been the director of the Shnat Hachshara program of the Habonim Dror movement. He holds a master’s degree in general history from Tel-Aviv University and served as a sheliach of Habonim Dror and the Jewish Agency in both Argentina and Brazil. He was a teacher of Jewish history and culture in Brazil and has been an educator at Machon LeMadricheim Chul for three years, where he still teaches.