Hallelujah Project Leadership Program

The Hallelujah Project is a year-round leadership program that aims to foster leadership in youth groups from all over Israel and the world.

The Hallelujah leadership program includes frequent workshops throughout the year. The workshops are facilitated by experienced mentors and coaches who provide interactive lessons involving the youth in fascinating and engaging content.

In our training we emphasize youth empowerment, leadership skills, communication, diversity, tolerance, and humanism.

The highlight event of the leadership program is participation in Hallelujah international summer camp. This gathering provides the perfect setting to get to know young leaders from around the world, make new friends, discuss leadership, and experience the colorful, diverse, and multicultural “alternative” world we create together in camp. 

Graduates of our camps and programs become part of a global “Hallelujah” network of young leaders who share similar values, are looking to make a change, and are ready to accomplish goals, in order to better society and make an impact on world.

The Hallelujah training programs are tailor made, and can be delivered in-person or online. For more information about our yearly leadership training please contact us at project@camphalleujah.org