This summer, Camp Hallelujah will take place in three rounds:

  • 25.6 – 2.7: The Balaton Lake, Hungary (ages 15-16)
  • 9.7 – 14.7: Scotland(ages 16-17)
  • 10.8 – 17.8: Israel, Kfar Galim, Israel (ages 13-14)

You can register by filling out the form on the registration page.

OR send us an email at: 


Camp Hallelujah is for kids ages 13-18 from any country around the world!

In order to participate on our camps – please send an email to project@camphallelujah.org or contact us by WhatsApp on +972 58-4020900 

Yes, you can visit your kids while they are at camp! The visit must be coordinated with the camp counselor.


Camp Hallelujah is active in two locations:

–     Israel (Kadar Galim and Nahlat Yhudah youth villages)

–     Hungary (near the little Balaton lake).