Camp Values

Camp Hallelujah is the ultimate experience for young adults this summer! Our camp is a hub for teenagers from Israel and around the globe to come together and socialize, grow, get to know each other, and have crazy fun with memories that will last for life. The camp combines activities such as surfing, swimming, yoga, other sports, and educational sessions. Camp Hallelujah is a truly unique place inspired by four principles:


Our camp emphasizes an intercultural and international experience with participants coming from multiple countries such as Brazil, Holland, South Africa, New Zealand, Hungary, and Uruguay. They make up a rich mix of different languages, cultures and identities. This results in an extraordinary multicultural experience and celebration of diversity.


We believe that participants at our camp should acquire the necessary skills that will allow them to become active leaders, initiating and creating both individually and as a group. At camp, they will learn and experience life skills such as leadership, mutual collaboration, community involvement, and social activism.


Our campers see the importance of educating and discussing nature and environmentalism. We have only one planet and it’s up to the younger generation to come together, share thoughts, and discuss environmentalism, sustainability and ecology.


Camp Hallelujah is the ideal opportunity to create the alterative world we all want to live in; a world that puts the person in the center, regardless of background, gender, or race. Camp Hallelujah is a place to spread kindness, enjoy diversity, and truly engage with one another. At camp you will get to know participants and leaders from all around world who came to create magic. 

We express our four core values in the camp in a beautiful variety of unique and special ways, combining Israeli culture and innovation with a pluralistic international atmosphere. At Camp Hallelujah, you will acquire necessary life skills, make friends from Israel and around the globe, and enrich your own personal experience.